Monday, May 09, 2011

Year 2011 is here

Smart Robot for Kids:

Story On:

She comes back again: Click Perform Arts blog

Latest August Whoo CF:
(To see all 2011 Whoo CFs, click 廣告和花絮 in Perform Arts blog)

又走了, 何日君再來 by Teresa Teng & Harumi Miyako:

她果然回來了 (To see more, click 花絮和採訪 in Perform Arts blog):

等著妳回來 by 白光:

英愛說:“母親節到了,我想我媽啊“, “這對雙胞胎讓我非常忙, 我現在要躲起來,不讓你們看到我的樣子“
Reposted 2 Happy Mother's Day videos: Hello Mum and the Mom song