Tuesday, February 27, 2007

LYA in the Year of Pig 2007

"DJG Festival" LYA at Tokyo Dome - letter to fans, August.
"August Trip" Canada Wild Flowers and Pigs in Seattle.
"The End of August" by Yanni.

The most beautiful time, September 3, 2007.
awarded medal of culture merit (文化褒章).
"Can't Help Falling In Love" by Julio Iglesias.

中秋節 Chuseok music video , September 25, 2007
Oboe music 何茫然 played by Alice.

More moon music videos in Chinese music blog: click here.
Merry Christmas 2007 to Children of the World:

2007 Year-end Tribute to LYA.
1st music: "Tribune" by Yanni.
2nd music: "Autumn Rose" by Ernesto Cortazar.

LYA became a fan of her fans in the very early morning of lunar New Year, 3:25 am. She fell for us while rubbing her beautiful eyes.

AMY:本命年 要穿红色保平安 (wear red clothes for a safe year):

[LYA 2007 lunar New Year message] translated by Momo
Dear fans from inside and outside Korea...^^...
Nice to see you...^^...
Lee Young-Ae logged in rubbing my eyes to say Happy New Year.
I wonder if anyone here is still awake like me in the New Year's early morning..
If so, I wish you a teeny bit more Happy New Year.. keke
I greeted the New Year cooking meat patties and chatting with my family.
Then, I felt I should say thank you to the fans for the past year,
although it's not enough for the attention you gave me, ^^;
so I came to say that, for the past year as a fan of you guys myself here,
I was happy to feel the scent of various domestic and foreign people.
When I saw a familiar ID, I felt comfort as if that person is in front of me,
and when I saw someone I haven't seen for long, I felt glad as if my family just returned from a long trip.
And when I saw a new ID, I was curious to know what kind of person s/he is.
I'm grateful to each and every one of you,
and I'm sorry that I wasn't able to get closer to you... you made my days happy for the past year.
...I am your fan too...^^
At first I felt a little awkward
but it seems I'm addicted to your scent..^^;...
now I come here frequently to see how you are doing.
Is it because I'm writing after a long time.. or because I'm one year older.. ^^;..I'm quite talkative.. hehe
and I have a lot to say...
It was an eventful year for everyone...
but today in the New Year, certainly
the bright sun will rise, so I hope that all of you will embrace an armful light of hope.
(FYI... keeping the inside and outside of the entrance to your house clean and having shoes and such neatly arranged will bring you fortune,
and optimistic and smiling face also will... according to Mencius...^^...)
This year again
I hope this website will be a warm place that can strengthen each other
and I beg for your generosity even though I may have faults...^^
Once again I bow deep to say thank you sincerely to everyone, domestic and foreign, who keep this place running.
You will get loooooots of blessings... I mean it.... ^^
Thank you.. *^^*
Deep thanks for posting translation for foreign fans despite the trouble.
At 3:25 AM on the lunar new year's day of 2007
Lee Young-Ae

[Addiction of LYA]
Please love us more, Youngae.
You are our fan now,
A very lovely and beautiful fan
Like a Goddess descending from the sky,
So, you got to love us more.

In the morning of the year of pig,
While rubbing your beautiful eyes,
You have fallen for us.
Too late for your addiction,
Now you are ours and mine.

I will be waiting days and nights
Here, in the cyber space.
Please, our Goddess fan
Send more love from the other end.
Always, you love will warm the place.

I will clean my entrance, I promise.
So someday you will come to my house.
Make me some meat patties.
Even you are one year older,
I love you even more.

[rosel's poem]
i love Piglet then and now...
Youngae's been called a cutie pig...wow
She must be the cooollest pig of all
To whom i promise to love even more

She becomes an addict...
Maybe the reason y she's talkative...
I am an addict too...
A lee young ae addict, so true...

She said she was sorry...
"for not being close to you,"
I say it doesn't matter, we'll wait for you.
Just come again, we'll be here to take you...
And that's because we love you...

"When You Tell Me That You Love Me" byDiana Ross, 4:16 min.

Watch it in Google.
"I honestly love you" by Olivia Newton John, 3:56 min.

Watch it in Google.
Sun and moon composite picture at North Pole.
Happy Mother's Day 2007 by The Gun & Doll Show, 1:15 min.

Watch it in Google.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

NewYear, Birthday, Valentine 2007-2006

AMY:本命年 要穿红色保平安(Wear red clothes for a safe year)
Portion of LYA's 2007 lunar New Year message
Music "Salut D'amour" (full length in Valentine video).

LYA 2007 Lunar New Year Music Video
"Gunghay" by Nancy Steward.

LYA 2007 Valentine Music Videos
"Salut D'amour" by Itzhak Perlman.

Another version in music video page using music "Dream Lover" by Bobby Darin, "I will Follow Him" by Little Peggy March.
LYA 2007 Birthday Music Video
Piano music "One Man's Dream" by Yanni(Version 2), 2:42 min.

Watch it in Google.

Birthday poems from fans in 2007:

[Lala Wijaya: Morning Call from Kuta Beach, Bali, 06:00AM, 30th January 2007]

Soft wind touches my face
It’s the end of January
The sun looks so red
I feel warm in my heart
Thinking of the lady I admire
Are you still there, my sleeping beauty?

I drown my toes in white sands
Walk ahead step by step
Listen to the children’s laughter far away
Swallowed up in the song of the waves
Remind me of your look while you sleep
Do you have a good rest, my innocent lady?

Watch the sands escape from my fingers
Blown away by the wind
Spread your love to the world
Spread your beauty to my heart
How long has it been?
From the first time I saw you
From the last time I said farewell

Your smile is still in my mind
Your eyes sparkle through my thought
When I look up to the sky
When I stare at the clouds hanging above
God is smiling back to me
Are you looking at the sky too now, Miss Young-Ae?

May your morning filled of joy
May your day filled of happiness
For today is a blessed day
For today is your birthday
Not every day a lady turns 36
So be ready and enjoy

Note: Wish you a Happy Birthday 1 day in advance Miss Lee Young-Ae, wherever you are. May your wishes come true? May you have a happy peaceful special day with your love ones?
I dropped by, as promised. =)

[Weenah: Few more hours, and our angel's crossing another year!]

Our library's clock shows 6:21 p.m.
Less than 6 more hours to go....
It's my first time to greet
The first wonderful artist
I have ever admired...
...or better said...
Treasured in life!

May she wake up feeling blessed?
Looking forward to the year ahead,
Getting even more excited
To enjoy life's journey
Life that comes as a precious gift
Beautifully packaged
With all that she loves
And with all who dearly love her.

May the glory of the sunshine of the first day of your 36th year bring you joy beyond any fear and doubt, Ms. Young Ae. Happy Birthday to you!

[Birthday 2007]
Happy birthday, Young-ae!
This is your sweet thirty sixth.
You’re most beautiful is what I say.
So near, yet so far for me to celebrate,
May all your wishes come true,
“I love you” is what I have.

Another year has gone.
Since last I said the words.
I remember when but you do not.
May my heart come to you,
Bringing you joy and I will say
I love you, Young-ae.

In all the things you’ll do,
In the years that lay ahead,
Remember what I said.
I promise you in this life or next
to look deep into your beautiful eyes
And say “I love you”.
LYA 2006 New Year, Birthday and Valentine Music Video
Portion of LYA's 2006 lunar New Year message
"La Paloma" was sung by Julio Iglesias.

To see earlier version(1)--click here--

[LYA’s 2006 lunar New Year message] - translated by Momo

Subject: Hello, this is Lee Young-Ae

Dear fans in Korea and from overseas,
This is Lee Young-Ae.

First of all, I apologize for my belated message.
This is the first time I write on the net after my last message during Dae Jang Geum.
It seems some of you are curious whether I occasionally visit this website.
Just as I used to before, I dropped by frequently last year and gained a lot of encouragement from you.
I am truly grateful for that.

Despite my shortcomings, you have warmly watched over me and
filled in my imperfection, which gave me lots of smiles.
Again, I thank you with a deep bow.

I don't say this as a lip service--I'm a bit bashful to admit, but this is how I genuinely feel inside.

I hope that you will be successful in everything you do in the new year,
and be healthy (health is the most important).
Also, try not to lose smile and peace of mind even when it's hard.
And I hope that the strength of positive thinking will help you all.

I deeply apologize for not being able to join the fans
who took their precious time to come over for a visit from far away.
Although I won't be there, I sincerely hope that you will make good friends
and share lots of warmth through the gathering,
and that you'll be full of smiles on each and every step on your way home.

2006. 1. 1. (on lunar calendar)

Birthday poems from fans in 2006:

[Fate by Leslie Andrea Lopez]

Sanity fills my mind
As i walk in darkness, i gave not a word
I ran to her hoping she's really with me,
Ay, the fate, dreaming makes me sick.

"It's her", i keep on murmuring.
But reality woke me up.
The wind blew harder, a woman grip my hand.
Ay, the fate, she is really there!

I almost fainted, she gripped it harder.
I can't resist it, dreaming makes me dumber.
"No", she said, "Dreaming makes you stronger."
But then reality woke me up.

Yes this is my dream, being with her makes me stronger.
I held tightly not to lose her fingers.
Yet it's a dream, I must not slumber.
At least she dropped by, once in a while.
And this gives me courage to continue life longer.

[Poem by Wong Er-Kai]
When i think of Young-ae my heart flutters.
When i see Young-ae my heart fills with the desire
To whisper the words of love in her ears softly
And to tell her that she will always be most lovely.
Because her heart of purity spreads warmth and goodness,
And brings to many much hope and happiness.
Once again another birthday has passed,
But our love for her will forever last.
Young-ae, you will always be the sunshine in our lives
Happy birthday and may happiness be with you till the end of time.

[Poem by Fish]
A Shyness not exploited by Esteem
A Modesty not consumed by Fame
A Smile that froze the time and stops the breaths

A Gracefulness not displaced by Modernity
A Compassion not diluted by Priority

Serenity, that purifies the surrounding
Intelligence, that curious of what not obviously be seen
Nobility, cannot be judged by commoner with different priority.
She showcases to the world, what Beauty means

[生日快樂 2006]
[Happy Birthday]
Wish you a lot of blessing on your birthday,
Kind Young-ae,
Charming Ms. Young-ae.
How are you?
Miss you forever.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Dae Jang Geum 大長今 Events

Special "DJG Festival" was held at Tokyo Dome on August 11, 2007 with more than 30,000 attendees.

Watch the video: 大長今 DJG Festival - 10:02 min

A love letter was written and read by LYA at the festival.
Watch the video: LYA's Love Letter - 5:14 min
Love letter was translated by Momo:
August 2007.
As I looked up at the sky after arriving at Haneda airport around 12 pm,
Tokyo's sky was clear and transparent just like your hearts welcoming me.

And August 2004.
On the day of the first shooting of DJG, I remember that the sky was just as beautiful as today.
As summer, autumn, cold winter and spring passed, I had to let go of Jang-Geum reluctantly.
At that time, I thought it was the last goodbye.
However, I'm standing here in front of you along with Jang-Geum now.
It's all thanks to you.
I'm so touched, happy and grateful.

I still can't forget each of your welcoming stares when I first came here for DJG.
The look of old ladies who came from far.
The look of children who came with their mothers.
The look of fathers who came despite their work.
Your sincerity and warmth makes me look back upon myself and bow my head.

Although I, Lee Young-Ae, still have a long way to go,
I will never forget the lessons I learned through you and Jang-Geum,
and use them as an important guidance for my life.

I hope that the time we spent together today, and the time we spent with DJG
will remain as a warm memory for a long long time.
Thank you everyone. Thank you very much.
Preparation of Dae Jang Geum cooking.

Visiting Taiwan (2004.5) for the promotion of DJG drama.

Vacationing LYA with crew after DJG shooting.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Dae Jang Geum 大長今 Cooking and Food

Dae Jang Geum 大長今 and Cooking
Cooking in Dae Jang Geum shooting - behind story.

Learn Cooking in Dae Jang Geum 大長今

大長今 back to Royal Kitchen 2008
Lee Young-ae re-visited the scene of royal kitchen in the drama.

Part of MBC 2008 Special "I am Lee Young Ae" "我是李英愛" broadcasted on 2008-9-26, total 50 min.

Making Cake for Lady Vengeance 親切的金子
Learning how to make cake:

LYA Cooking Shows in Japan
LYA was at Japanese Bistro SMAP cooking show on 2007-1-22, 23:53 min.

A food session of the NHK 2006 Hello Studio Park Show, 2006-5-8.
Ttokpokki,Jajangmyeon,Tonkatsu 辣炒年糕,炸醬麵,炸豬排:

Lee Young-ae in French Cooking

King and Cook


Food in harmony: 如魚得水

Food for losing weights
Tomato, orange, aloe and grape to slim you down:

Pictures are from a fruit video, 3.28 min.
Click to watch: 甜蜜蜜.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

親切的金子 SFLV Music Videos, Inteviews, Others

2007 year-end tribute to LYA.
1st music: "Tribune" by Yanni
2nd music: "Autumn" by Ernesto Cortazar

"Good Enough" sung originally by Sarah McLachlan,
followed by Stanford Counterpoint a Cappella Group 1999-2000:

Watch version 2 in Youtube.
LYA learning cake making for SFLV (親切的金子):

LYA in a SFLV vampire poster session:

To see SFLV interviews, click here.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

文化獎 春史大獎 大鐘獎 百想大賞 青龍映畫賞

韓國廣播文化獎 2007

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春史大獎 2007

第15屆春史大獎電影節9月14日, 韓國巨星李英愛、張東健的到來讓整個會場頓時熠熠生輝。當天,李英愛和張東健獲得了韓流文化大獎和24k金的獎牌,受到了極大關注。
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大鐘獎 2006 - 相比養眼

第43屆南韓電影大鐘獎7月21日, 海外最受歡迎男女演員。

百想藝術大賞 2006

第42屆百想藝術大賞4月14日, 電影最佳女演員獎《親切的金子》

百想, 千想, 萬想 --- 只有白想!
To see a video with the beauties in 百想 arts,
4 min. - Click here to watch.

青龍映畫賞 2005
第26屆韓國電影青龍獎11月29日, 最佳女演員獎。

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