Tuesday, February 13, 2007

NewYear, Birthday, Valentine 2007-2006

AMY:本命年 要穿红色保平安(Wear red clothes for a safe year)
Portion of LYA's 2007 lunar New Year message
Music "Salut D'amour" (full length in Valentine video).

LYA 2007 Lunar New Year Music Video
"Gunghay" by Nancy Steward.

LYA 2007 Valentine Music Videos
"Salut D'amour" by Itzhak Perlman.

Another version in music video page using music "Dream Lover" by Bobby Darin, "I will Follow Him" by Little Peggy March.
LYA 2007 Birthday Music Video
Piano music "One Man's Dream" by Yanni(Version 2), 2:42 min.

Watch it in Google.

Birthday poems from fans in 2007:

[Lala Wijaya: Morning Call from Kuta Beach, Bali, 06:00AM, 30th January 2007]

Soft wind touches my face
It’s the end of January
The sun looks so red
I feel warm in my heart
Thinking of the lady I admire
Are you still there, my sleeping beauty?

I drown my toes in white sands
Walk ahead step by step
Listen to the children’s laughter far away
Swallowed up in the song of the waves
Remind me of your look while you sleep
Do you have a good rest, my innocent lady?

Watch the sands escape from my fingers
Blown away by the wind
Spread your love to the world
Spread your beauty to my heart
How long has it been?
From the first time I saw you
From the last time I said farewell

Your smile is still in my mind
Your eyes sparkle through my thought
When I look up to the sky
When I stare at the clouds hanging above
God is smiling back to me
Are you looking at the sky too now, Miss Young-Ae?

May your morning filled of joy
May your day filled of happiness
For today is a blessed day
For today is your birthday
Not every day a lady turns 36
So be ready and enjoy

Note: Wish you a Happy Birthday 1 day in advance Miss Lee Young-Ae, wherever you are. May your wishes come true? May you have a happy peaceful special day with your love ones?
I dropped by, as promised. =)

[Weenah: Few more hours, and our angel's crossing another year!]

Our library's clock shows 6:21 p.m.
Less than 6 more hours to go....
It's my first time to greet
The first wonderful artist
I have ever admired...
...or better said...
Treasured in life!

May she wake up feeling blessed?
Looking forward to the year ahead,
Getting even more excited
To enjoy life's journey
Life that comes as a precious gift
Beautifully packaged
With all that she loves
And with all who dearly love her.

May the glory of the sunshine of the first day of your 36th year bring you joy beyond any fear and doubt, Ms. Young Ae. Happy Birthday to you!

[Birthday 2007]
Happy birthday, Young-ae!
This is your sweet thirty sixth.
You’re most beautiful is what I say.
So near, yet so far for me to celebrate,
May all your wishes come true,
“I love you” is what I have.

Another year has gone.
Since last I said the words.
I remember when but you do not.
May my heart come to you,
Bringing you joy and I will say
I love you, Young-ae.

In all the things you’ll do,
In the years that lay ahead,
Remember what I said.
I promise you in this life or next
to look deep into your beautiful eyes
And say “I love you”.
LYA 2006 New Year, Birthday and Valentine Music Video
Portion of LYA's 2006 lunar New Year message
"La Paloma" was sung by Julio Iglesias.

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[LYA’s 2006 lunar New Year message] - translated by Momo

Subject: Hello, this is Lee Young-Ae

Dear fans in Korea and from overseas,
This is Lee Young-Ae.

First of all, I apologize for my belated message.
This is the first time I write on the net after my last message during Dae Jang Geum.
It seems some of you are curious whether I occasionally visit this website.
Just as I used to before, I dropped by frequently last year and gained a lot of encouragement from you.
I am truly grateful for that.

Despite my shortcomings, you have warmly watched over me and
filled in my imperfection, which gave me lots of smiles.
Again, I thank you with a deep bow.

I don't say this as a lip service--I'm a bit bashful to admit, but this is how I genuinely feel inside.

I hope that you will be successful in everything you do in the new year,
and be healthy (health is the most important).
Also, try not to lose smile and peace of mind even when it's hard.
And I hope that the strength of positive thinking will help you all.

I deeply apologize for not being able to join the fans
who took their precious time to come over for a visit from far away.
Although I won't be there, I sincerely hope that you will make good friends
and share lots of warmth through the gathering,
and that you'll be full of smiles on each and every step on your way home.

2006. 1. 1. (on lunar calendar)

Birthday poems from fans in 2006:

[Fate by Leslie Andrea Lopez]

Sanity fills my mind
As i walk in darkness, i gave not a word
I ran to her hoping she's really with me,
Ay, the fate, dreaming makes me sick.

"It's her", i keep on murmuring.
But reality woke me up.
The wind blew harder, a woman grip my hand.
Ay, the fate, she is really there!

I almost fainted, she gripped it harder.
I can't resist it, dreaming makes me dumber.
"No", she said, "Dreaming makes you stronger."
But then reality woke me up.

Yes this is my dream, being with her makes me stronger.
I held tightly not to lose her fingers.
Yet it's a dream, I must not slumber.
At least she dropped by, once in a while.
And this gives me courage to continue life longer.

[Poem by Wong Er-Kai]
When i think of Young-ae my heart flutters.
When i see Young-ae my heart fills with the desire
To whisper the words of love in her ears softly
And to tell her that she will always be most lovely.
Because her heart of purity spreads warmth and goodness,
And brings to many much hope and happiness.
Once again another birthday has passed,
But our love for her will forever last.
Young-ae, you will always be the sunshine in our lives
Happy birthday and may happiness be with you till the end of time.

[Poem by Fish]
A Shyness not exploited by Esteem
A Modesty not consumed by Fame
A Smile that froze the time and stops the breaths

A Gracefulness not displaced by Modernity
A Compassion not diluted by Priority

Serenity, that purifies the surrounding
Intelligence, that curious of what not obviously be seen
Nobility, cannot be judged by commoner with different priority.
She showcases to the world, what Beauty means

[生日快樂 2006]
[Happy Birthday]
Wish you a lot of blessing on your birthday,
Kind Young-ae,
Charming Ms. Young-ae.
How are you?
Miss you forever.