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A Most Special Love (Book) English Translation

In 2001, LYA published her autobiography “A Most Special Love” 《最特別的愛》 and donated all the income from the sale of the book to charity. A Hong Kong fan, Alice, translated some of content from a Chinese book. I only corrected the obvious spelling and grammatical errors in order to keep the originality of the translation. The official fansite is

P.18-20 Beginning


I grew up in the district of Oksu; however Oksu is now covering by modern apartment buildings and high-rise buildings as the result of city development. I can only reminisce my childhood district by the underground railway and bus stations' name, it looks very different. The scene belonged to my childhood was gone. This feeling is like the feeling between people and their home town, Oksu is the home of my feeling.

* Oksu is a district name of Seoul, on the north shore of Han River.

My apartment was located on the slope, behind it, there were little mountains and trees, these places provided me a natural playground.

After school, we rushed home to dump our schoolbags then ran to gather over there.
We played with insects after climbing on the trees. There was a big project for us; we were looking for the unknown caves. Oh! We were excited by these unknown and mystic caves.

My brother told me there were caves on the mountain.
I answered,"Cave?" My brother said, "Yup, a cave."
I was wondering what the cave is like.

My best childhood buddy told me,” Yes, just like the stomach of a whale, a humid and dark place. Pinocchio was fallen into whale's stomach, it's like a cave."
It sounded mystic yet amazing for me.

End up, we could find the cave but it's not dark and mystic. My buddies were so happy but I was very disappointed, it's far from my imagination.

In my reminiscence, a group of kids in the same neighborhood discovered and played until evening, this simple pleasure is very treasurable.

P.21 -23 A Starving Girl who stole a piece of cake (after a whole day exploration)

After these exciting kid's games, I felt so hungry. One day, we were like the wicked fellows to glance each other, and then we stole a few pieces of cakes from a grocery store nearby in a very quick motion. In fact, the owner of the store heard our noise, however we ran far away with ultimate speed like an Olympic game runner.

The stolen cake seemed especially delicious, I made sure there was not any cake flour left on my lips and cheek before going home, we pretended there was nothing happen. Then I had a good sleep after the whole day exploration.

However, I heard some noise. Oh! My God, the owner of the grocery store was chatting with my mom. I thought, "Oh no!"

She was a friend of my mom; she stopped by my place to chat with my mom occasionally. I knew what I had been doing, neither was I the one to initiate to steal, nor I was the only one to have eaten the cake, but the guilty feeling was there. How could she know I did it? She might be able to recognize me, so I was pretending to sleep.

“Strange. I was watching TV inside the store. I heard some noise so I went out to see, these kids ran like crazy, they looked like the kids of our neighborhood, but I am not sure who they are. How do you think about that?" The owner told my mom.

My mom," Shouldn't be the kids in our neighborhood, in this neighborhood, the kids would not be thieves. Maybe you are wrong, they are naughty but they would not steal things...."

After this incident, I felt very uncomfortable and have felt very guilty. I have thought about paying back the money and saying sorry to her. However, the owner of the grocery store moved, I was very disappointed; this guilty feeling became my company for years.

After being a high school student, I admitted to my mom that I did steal the cake. It's too late but I felt more comfortable to have admitted to my mom. My mom was surprised by me, she got nothing to say.

P.24 Another Confession

One day, we saw the smoke behind the garbage truck, so we chased the smoke to see where it came from. Wow...I saw a kid who had a small white stick between fingers; he blew out the white smoke. We found it interesting, we were amazed by this small white burning stick, and the kid sucked the white stick and blew out white smoke. I couldn't remember who initiated to try this little white stick but we all wanted to at least try once. After a while, everyone blew out the white smoke from their mouths. I thought this was cigarette.

I really miss my Oksu Childhood, a group of kids who were playing all kinds of forbidden games; the memory of childhood seems remote.

P.25 A Game Better than toys and dolls

My parents have had two sons, in fact I'm an unexpected one in my family. I am the youngest daughter at home; soon I became a spoiled one in my family.

However, I found a game which is much more interesting than playing with the dolls, it's boxing. I imitated the renown Korean boxing star to fight with my brothers. Of course, my two elder brothers became my boxing coach. You know what? I soon became the boxing queen in my community. How could I win? I used my fingers and my forehead to fight. I fought with my buddies all the time; we would never give each other easy time. As a result, my arms, knees, legs and face were filled with scars; I have thought these were the glory in my childhood.

As I mentioned before, I am an unexpected kid at home and caught the whole family's attention. My parents have various expectations upon my birth, so there was an episode on giving me a name. I used my father's given name "Young Ae" at school; I used my mother's given name (I need to check with the Korean book to fill it in) at home. However I didn't like either one, so I decided to name myself upon a Korean flower name Na Ri, so I called myself Lee Na Ri. I was very glad to have a name like this.

P.217-218 My Ten Years’ Dream: To visit Europe


I must leave my routine life and start my backpacker’s travel after the shooting of . I was longing to visit Europe during college period; however my parents would worry about me, so I kept on delaying my travel plan. When I started to shoot , the transit city was London, so I decided to start my European visit from England.

After the shooting job was done, I was feeling exhausted, the hot desert sands seemed to stay on my body. I believe, only a relax and free trip could relieve me from the weary in my body and soul. This trip could also fulfill my ten years’ travel dream.

The first destiny is England; my company was my stylist (not Miss Ma). We flew from Morocco to England in early October.

We would like to experience the romantic and academic atmosphere, so we went straight ahead towards Cambridge. As Oxford University, Cambridge is one of the most renown colleges in the world.

Cambridge consists of 35 colleges; the campus itself is big like a town. The Cam River flows behind the colleges, we could see the antique buildings around town, the red maple leaves over there is the embellishment of the European natural charisma.

Walking there all the time would be tiring, so we rented the bikes to sight see this academic town. We were slowing down our pedals on the shore of Cam River, we were experiencing Europe. In the evening, we found a B&B, B&B means a motel with bed and breakfast. We were very tired after a whole day travel.

The next morning, we had traditional English breakfast, muffins, toasts and coffee.
We found an old building, this is Trinity College. (I’m afraid the Chinese version has made mistake, it wrote Duke University. From what I know, Duke University is in the US instead of England)

P.251-253 No More Foreigners


We finished up our short Italy trip. We had to rush for the flight so we left Rome (the capital of history and arts) in a great hurry, and we had to fly back to England. This trip fulfilled the backpacker's travel dream in my college period. The unforgettable scenic spots often flashed back in my mind. Up till now, I would keep contact with my company of this trip, she's my stylist. In fact, we often had quarrels during the trip, we shared some sweet memory in this European trip!

We started the trip from Morocco, the route was England, Holland, Italy, France and Germany, and I became much healthier after the trip. My legs became more energetic, I could eat all kinds of food and I've got healthy tanning during the trip. Not only that, I felt like I could cope with any challenge, and I started to believe I could live in anywhere of the world.

I have been building up close friendship with my stylist after many quarrels in the trip. I have won so much back in this precious trip and I hope I will never lose it.

Friends, set your feet for backpacker's travel in our global village!

When I was young, I thought there's only one country in the world, Korea. For the United States or Japan, I used to think those countries were existed on the other planets. It sounds like a joke but the world is so big, many kinds of living style did amaze me.

I would like to suggest the young fellows as well as those who think travel is simply an ornament in life to go on backpacker's travel trip. Even though you may not have a lot of money but it doesn't matter, go to a few countries to feel the difference in culture, then you would understand how lucky we are; other than that, you could taste different kinds of food and try different kinds of language; moreover, you can experience the different value systems and mentality. In this big and colorful world, we are so little.

I know what did I want, and I felt comfortable to melt into the culture and living style there. I did worry about that, but I knew I was worrying too much.

Oh! I could even hear the Salute D'amore by Elgar, it's the violin street performance I heard in Cologne Plaza, and I could still recall it after years. To another extend, my short trip also brought the warmth to the people there. After the trip, I discover we should bring our love to all men without the barrier of national borders.

No matter where we go, there is only one globe and one world, there is no more foreigners, and nobody should feel foreign in the world. I deeply think even we look different and we still can use our heart, our eyes to communicate, we still can bring our love to others.


"It's clean, it's attractive" The Korean wine advertisement slogan
After I accepted the offer of an alcohol advertisement, the media had keen discussion about that, and I had got many interview invitations. I feel proud of my middle class upbringing and have not hesitated to receive the offer of an advertisement because many working class Koreans love Soju (Korean traditional wine). Even it's an advertisement of wine but the image matched my previous CF of make-up (as an oxygen lady), the advertisement was well received by the consumers. According to the marketing survey of the advertisement company, the consumers were not surprised by my wine advertisement.

The slogan of the advertisement ------- "It's clean, it's attractive"
It continued my purity image in the previous CF and dramas, the oxygen lady image also helped the consumers to accept the clean and pure image of the wine. To a certain extent, the purity image helps building up a new perspective of drinking for Koreans.

The poster of the advertisement did not have any drinking photo of mine but a clean face without any make-up. We could not shoot a CF because the wine consisted with more than 17% alcohol, so the CF would not be able to show in TV according the law.

I have fair skin so I worried to look imperfect without make-up, but the photographer (I only had the Chinese name) did a very good job.

After writing about this wine advertisement, I must share how I feel about wine. Chinese said wine is good for health but I think the Tao theory about wine is also correct, alcoholic would destroy health and family.


When I was a new actress, I had thought about avoiding the gathering of drinking. However the crew of the TV or movie invited me, I would not insist to avoid, and I would join them to drink. As a woman, I would not say I love to drink but rather I love the atmosphere of drinking. Anyhow, drinking a little bit is ok, never drink too much!

I like cocktail. The mixing of cocktail is an interesting thing, and the alcohol percentage is low, so I like it and I would not get drunk easily. I also like the (Soju Korea traditional wine) party, sipping the clear wine, my throat could feel the real taste of it.

If I go out with my close friends, I don't mind to drink thick wine. I enjoy pouring wine for others while they pour wine for me.

For beer, even just a sip, I feel very full and the calorie of beer is high, I feel like I would get fat right away, so I do not really enjoy beer much. For Western wine, the wine smells really good but it seems too heavy for my taste.

When I drank with a group of people, they were often surprised by my way of drinking. I drank without hesitation. They would have all kinds of surprising facial gesture. I guess it's because my image in the serial dramas and CF misled them. I could sure the traditional Korean wine sharing atmosphere with friends in an old wine pub or the food hawker's stands is the best among all kinds of wine. If I drink the oyster soup afterwards, I feel very good.

P.131 The Eternal Light

When I was a college students, I majored in German Literature because I was interested in German philosophy (especially the existentialism); it's the reason I picked the German Literature. Life and death seem two different worlds in our lives but life and death can make lives complete.

A few years ago, my friend had a fatal accident; I could not quite perceive this idea of life. Before the death of my friend, I had vague idea of death. When I could not sleep well, when I was lying on the bed alone, I felt a horror like the midnight clock clicking sound. The death seemed to come towards me. We all have to cope with death, however before the death of my friend, death seemed something unperceivable.

I was very angry because my friend died in a young age.

Some people was living an easy going life and died peacefully while some people struggled throughout all their lives and even had fatal accidents. Is it fair? Is God really in charge?

P.111-113 Two Favorite Books


What time was it? The old memory seems a fading color newspaper. When I was a new actress, I thought I could only do very little because I was an inexperienced actress just like a green bird. At that time, I had no manager, I had to bring all the clothes to places for shooting and also I had to call taxi by myself. I would like to find a helper, but I could not find anyone to help, these days were.......

One day, I took taxi home, I was looking outside from the cab, I turned my head and saw my own face in the mirror, and I was surprised by my grey, fatigued face. Why? Why did I get involved in this profession? Everybody was sleeping but I kept on going places. I tried to find my own way to protect myself and I tried my best to endure the frustration and hurt from my job. My tears could not help falling down.

I started to develop a reading habit during my free time. My curiosity strives me to read more.

1. Monk 법정's "Possess Nothing"(The book's name)
It's a book like green tea, even after a while, the fragrance is still there. It's a classic in my book list.

After working for a while, the interpersonal relationship had been a hectic issue for me. The book "Possess Nothing" helped me a great deal in the elimination of the desire; the book always reminds me what the most essential thing in life is.

After reading this book, I found I have already possessed a lot, maybe even too much. For example, I am suitable to be an actress as well as a CF model, this is obviously the grace of my parents, they enabled me to grow up without much obstacles; I was lucky to have many performing opportunities, so far I have not had much frustration in my life. I should live a thanks giving life. The simplicity spirit of this book always reminds me I should satisfy with what I have, sometimes I also feel shame due to the kind concern from many individuals for which I could never pay back. One more point I perceived from this book, lucky or not, it's not so much matter on having more or less materials. I have already experienced the tragedy of being rich may be more terrible than the tragedy of being poor.

I feel deeply inside, the tragedy of rich people can be more terrible than the tragedy of poor people. As I traveled to places like Africa and India, the difference in value systems, the living style of them is very different. Even they don't possess a lot, they can live a thanks giving life. they can be very lucky and happy. I met some authentic Africans; I could tell they are happy by their body movement and facial gesture. Human being is a greedy creature, if one can take away the obsessive desire and obstinacy, the world would become a larger and open world.

Comparing with the people in my age, I am surely a lucky one to have a healthy family and a safe apartment, and my income is comparatively higher than many people. Being a public figure, sometimes it brings me inconvenience, but often it's also a luck to be recognized by many people. In the cafe, some strangers (for me) treat me nicely, their hospitality always impress me.

However, I started to be indifferent for all the hospitality from other people, I take it for granted. Like my fans, they keep on writing letters, sending gifts to me. After reading this book, I feel ashamed of myself.

Everybody has an experience to be obstinacy to push ourselves to a dead corner. I am neither a philosopher nor Buddhist, but in front of the obstinacy, we always have a choice to step our feet back to have a space to look at things with an easy going attitude. We don't have to push ourselves to a dead corner. Right now, even I may lose something but I would not feel horrible about that and let go, I guess sooner or later, it would come back; or it may be useful for others if it does not come back to me.

Of course, life is not that simple, it's not like reading a book, then "click", you understand everything, but surely this book helps me to be a more easy-going person.

Information of the other book called "Norwegian Wood" by Haruli Murakami
(The novel is a nostalgic story of loss and sexuality. The story's protagonist and narrator is Toru Watanabe, who looks back on his days as a freshman university student living in Tokyo. Through Toru's reminiscences we see him develop relationships with two very different women — the beautiful yet emotionally troubled Naoko, and the outgoing, lively Midori.

The novel is set in Tokyo the late 1960s, a time when Japanese students, like those of many other nations, were protesting against the established order. While it serves as the backdrop against which the events of the novel unfold, Murakami (through the eyes of Toru and Midori) portrays the student movement as largely weak-willed and hypocritical.

Norwegian Wood was hugely popular with Japanese youth and made Murakami somewhat of a superstar in his native country (apparently much to his dismay at the time). In translation it is also one of the most read Japanese novels in the Western Hemisphere.)

Whenever I could not get to sleep, this book was my company.

Sometimes I would turn my watch back, I tried to think back 10 years ago, the time I was 20.What did I expect when I was 20? My current self reviews my obstinacy 10 years ago, I may find myself silly. The ongoing life, sometimes I feel tired and lonely, I would think,” Did I set my priority right? I tried to find my pure self back from the mess.

After a long day shooting, sometimes I can't get to sleep easily. My body was very tired but my mind was clear. Sometimes, I worry about tomorrow's job, then I can't get to sleep as well.

My best friends seem so far away. Sometimes my relatives leave and sometimes my friend die, I can never escape, but I must overcome the pain, and find an exit of my spirit. The Norwegian Wood is a spring of intelligence for me.

The human nature is like a tree among the wood, it stands among many individuals, and it feels the lonely existence. This book shows people the way to get through the wall of loneliness. We can get through the desperation and frustration. When I am down, I love to read this book.

This novel is a revelation of the sadness and happiness of youth.

Whenever I have doubt of myself, I remember a sentence of this book," Don't take everything serious, it may not be a big deal. All the matters must keep a distance from you."

Murakami shows us the love, pain, emptiness, loneliness and wait between different entities. Nature of youth is sadness and infirmity. All the suffering reminiscences often flash back at midnight just like a sentence from a song (Norwegian Wood) of Beatles," And when I awoke I was alone. This bird (the girl he met) had flown." However I strongly believe the overcome of isolation is on the right track of being meaningful and happy.

When I was younger, I was immature and vulnerable, even hope and love can be my hurt. It’s a dilemma; feeling lonely is painful, if I choose to love but not to be able to fully in love with each other, it's also a regret. The unknown future, I feel quite lost sometime.....

I was immersed into the exciting stories of the novel, I was attracted by the personality of the roles in different stories. This book grants me courage and energy to face the suffering in life.

We can't gain power from the suffering memories, the stories of youth is like the plants, the touching moments like waves in my heart.


My hairy little fat dog with brown spots is called 57. The name is a little bit strange, isn't it?

My dog joined my family on the 7th, May 1995, that's why we called him 57. At first it's a gift for my parents for the Parents Festival, so that the dog could be a company of them while I was at work. My father loved it at the moment he first saw it but my mother.......

My dog ran from here to there and from there to here, the hair of my dog flew everywhere, my mother had to take care of the mess by this baby dog 57. I felt so sorry to give her more trouble than I thought, at first, I just thought to buy a cute little dog and did not know how hard it could be to take care of a naughty baby dog. I thought, "If my mom decide to give it to somebody, I would not oppose....." so I did keep a distance. I did not want to be too close to my dog. (My own opinion: Sorry, Young Ae....that's you, a dog is like a person, when you both know each other so well, it might be the moment to separate...the end of one's life)

However...after a few days, 57 soon became my family member. My mother took care of her whenever she heard its noise, she helped 57 to take shower and blew dry and brushed its hair.

When 57 was young, he had many little problems and he's a frequent visitor of Animal's Hospital. 57 not only caught the attention of my parents but also the attention of my brother and his wife, also the visitors of my home. Whenever I came home, 57 ran out to welcome me back.

This little thing would never hide his own emotions like human being, all his emotions showed clearly on his body gesture. 57 was like a guard to watch over me outside of my room, he loved to sleep outside of my room and waited for me. The next day's morning, whenever I open the door, it would run to lick my face and hands. Sometimes I slept later than usual, 57 kicked my door to see what was I doing, I pretended I was still sleeping to see what he did next. I opened the door a little bit to see what he is doing. Oh! He totally forgot and played his own games like tearing the leaves of my mom's plants or biting the corner of the daily newspaper on the floor. Even 57 was quite naught, my parents still loved him so much, nobody would blame him for the little mistakes, my whole apartment became the front stage of my "57".

It became bigger and bigger, he did not look like when it first came to my home anymore. I guess my dog did envy my niece, Ha- Gyeong. My brother gave birth of their first kid. For our whole family, the new born niece was a treasurable new member, she is the first kid in the third generation. My brother's family had long expected such a kid. For me, she seemed a mirror of my childhood, she looked like the young Young Ae.

Usually a baby is born with expectation. In the four million-years history of human being, a new life came to the unknown world and this new life have to work hard to know the world, I looked at the baby carefully to praise this lovely creation secret, the substance of a new life was leaning on me.

The change of my family's atmosphere, my little 57 felt some frustration, I did ignore him and rushed to see the baby niece. If she wasn't home, I would call my brother's home and hear her noise, my heart would be comforted even by hearing her noise. My niece caught all the attention of my family, the poor 57 was ignored all the time. My smart dog did all kind of awkward things to catch the attention back, but I could tell you ahead, he was failed.

57 treated my niece as his rival, once upon a time he was the only spoiled "kid" at home but my niece soon stole all his attention. 57 was naughty but he had never been a danger for anyone, however he bite my mom's ankle occasionally or barked at my niece. My family worried that he would hurt my niece so they started to scold him for mistakes.

Afterwards, he started to eat a lot and treated the visitors more cordial than me when they came into my apartment. Not only that, he sat on the lap of the visitors, so this little cute hairy dog tried extremely hard to please our guests, however when they wanted to leave, they had to tolerate him since he chased them after, my mom could not help to scold him, "You can't behave like this, this is impolite, you will make people dislike you."

My 57 and jealous Ha- Gyeong became our family talk's major topic

After the birth of Ha-Gyeong, 57 became a hectic issue of my family, my mom often scolded him and I felt uneasy about that, a jealous dog could be a danger and his strange behaviors were funny. Not too long later, there was another more interesting thing happened. Ha- Gyeong's little brother was born, we found the level of her jealousy is similar to 57, she forced herself to dress in her little brother's clothes(obviously those were too small for her). She struck the baby and ran away or wanted people to embrace her while other was embracing the baby. She reminded me the jealousy of 57.

Lately, the family gathering seems closer, the family members are increasing. The living room has no longer silent like before. After dinner, we were eating water melon, the noises of sharing and China wares as well as my naughty little 57 compose a symphony of family's warmth. I think I am a lucky one.


Heart warming music, the space belongs to me.

My character likes simplicity; the decoration in my room is simple. One bed, one desk, one bookshelf, one upright piano and a mini Hifi set for enjoying music. Also, I placed a small notice board on the wall for posting some news or reports from magazines that left me deep impression.

My rooms lacks of paintings of famous artists, there is not even a vase for flowers, it's not like a room of a rich woman, and there is none of the cute little girls' things either. For me, it's a comfortable and warm space. After long day's working, I would lie down on my bed and think, "I only need such a place, not too small, not too big, not too fancy but not too plain".

Due to not having many small items, my room is very neat and clean, an old piano with the lid open, the musical scores are put on the stand, it looks quite messy. I often play piano, so it's not necessary to close the lid or put the music back neatly.

I don't play piano for raising my performing level or enjoying the musical interest, I play to release my pressure from work. I play with passion even there are wrong notes, I pour my heart to play "Pathetique" or some other music (I have to check the name). Through the percussive action, I would not be upset anymore, my burden seems to release. For this kind of playing, it might not be piano playing but violent like boxing games. (Yup! Young Ae Ssi, you transformed your game from 7-year old little girl's boxing to piano playing^^)

Why did I pick up piano playing? I was attracted by Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata. Later on I like many different kinds of music. For example, I am like wandering in the dreams, the Mozart's sonatas give me lighter mood while the Bach concertos give me a lot of room to think; the Schubert's songs cycles are suitable for autumn, the Jazz is like red wine, Hip-hop, Korean folk music, I always listen to many kinds of music.

I love the English songs album published few years ago, it's called "Greatest Love".
The album includes Boys II Men, Sarah McLachlan, Extreme, Natalie Imbruglia, and Eric Clapton. I like the lyrics and melodies, I often listen to it while I am driving or I listen to it before going to bed. I especially like two songs in this album like A Song for Mama and More Than Words. A Song for Mama expresses gratitude towards my mother and More Than Words is a love song.
I love the lyric very much, just like my high school favorite Bon Jovi's Bed of Roses.
I am the cover girl of this album; I am supposed to pass a message as an angel of pure love. In fact, I also enjoy this job very much.

Later on, I decided to donate part of the royalty from the album to a Pusan children's sanatorium of heart disease. I hope to boost up the sale of the "Greatest Love", so I can help more children with heart disease.

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A Fish Story written by LYA's fans in 2006

Below is a half-true story written by the fans of LYA's official fansite. It was written by a fan first, and then the second, and so on in free form without knowing the end of it. Any fan could write on. The story was mostly written by Lala Wijaya, Shenzheni and Rosel. The official fansite is The China fansite is

The Chinese introduction of the story was specially written by a Chinese fan, Shenzheni, for the Chinese fans on China fansite.


有个住在加州的男人,感到生活的沉闷和平淡,一天,他在海边散步的时候,遥望无穷的大海,希望发生点什么.这时他突然看到海里有一个瓶子,他把它捡起来,看到内中有张字条,写下字条的是一位女子,她当时正在东半球韩国一个叫济州岛的地方作为女主角拍摄一部描写韩国古代宫廷膳食和医道的戏剧,经过一天疲累的工作后,望着日落大海(她喜欢静静观赏大自然的美丽风景),她的心灵蒙上了一层诗意,决定投下一个漂流瓶,捡到这个瓶子和内中字条的人就是她的有缘人,只要在她的官方网站www.leeyoungae.net的love letter版上留下一封信,她就会认出他,然后会想法来跟他见面.这个生活在美国加州的男人之前从未听说过这位女演员,就在他犹豫不决,还来不及记下网站网址的时候,一只带有神性的鱼看不下去了,抢走了这个瓶子,留下了一系列预言,然后就游走了.而这个男人为了寻回瓶子,也是为了夺回他跟美丽女演员的缘分,经历了一系列事情,只身到了几个国家(当然包括我们中国),几次与她擦肩而过,最终...

你猜最终会怎么样呢? ...

Read the complete story below.

*********A Letter in a Bottle*********************

There was a very boring guy living in California. He was very bored every day. Most the time after the work, he had nothing to do. Only once a while, he went to the coast next to the Pacific Ocean. He looked at the ocean. There was nothing there. Of course, it was not true. There was water in the ocean….

Oh… He looked at the ocean. This humble but very talented guy suddenly noticed there was a unique bottle floating on the sea. The bottle got nearer and nearer to the seaside where he was standing. He stretched his arm and grabbed the bottle from the water. There was a note in it.

Curiously he opened the cap and read the note. “I am a Korean actress sitting at the seaside of Jeju Island. I have just finished my 8 months acting work with director Lee Byung Hun and actor Ji Jin He. I am glad I have finished the shooting. The story is about a kitchen maid who became the first Korean female doctor. I am the main lead in it. I have to memorize a lot of scripts in my appearances so that I am now long for a rest. Whoever finds this bottle is considered a friend God send to me. If you receive this message, please send a letter to me through‘s Love Letter column. Put the subject: A letter in a bottle, and put your e-mail address there. I occasionally visit the site so I will notice your message and will write to you to arrange your visit to Seoul to meet me in person immediately.”

This bored guy’s eyes were wide opened. He said, “There is not just water in the ocean, but also a bottle and a note. Phew….life is full of excitements”.
He stared at the bottle. Then he was staring at note for a long time.
“Who is this actress? How can I send a letter to a stranger? I don’t know her. Should I give my e-mail address to her?” Again, he was sitting at seaside and looking out to the ocean. There is nothing else out there.

Suddenly something jumped out the water. It was a fish. The fish talked.
“You are so bored. Even a fish cannot stand it. Usually, I do not talk but I cannot stand you just sitting there in front of me. Go there and do something”. The fish pointed to far side of the ocean. The bored guy looked in the horizon where the ocean and sky meet. There is nothing there…..

Then a face started to form from the sky. Then it stared at the bored guy...and said: You really are boring. What are you still doing here looking at us? Go now and find that beautiful lady!

The boring guy put the note back into the bottle. When he was still thinking the idea over, the fish could not bear anymore, it jumped up from the sea water and robbed the bottle and dived into the water again. Before its leaving, the fish said to the guy: "I'll send the bottle to another one. I know a Chinese girl who is eager to see the beautiful actress so much; I'll let her to have this chance."

The guy felt something important was lost, his heart ached. Why? Why I feel so blue? Who is the actress? Which kind of woman is she? No! She may be the gift God bless me. I may lose the gift! He thought and became full of energy. He shouted at the fish: Wait! Wait! I want to have a try. Which net is it?

The fish just answered: "You do not know the note's value, right? The man who gets it will be predestined to be the beautiful actress' true love. You have to face a lot of difficulties and at last if your love is true and enduring, after a series of probation, you may get the bottle back!" Then it swam away.

Even the bored guy didn’t have the note, he roughly remembered the name, leeyoungae something like that. He was not that dumb. He went home and got online to search for that name. He actually found that site, It needed registration. He said, “What kind of website it is, it is hazardous”. He finally got in.

He found a post people talking about love stories from different countries. “Phew….life is full of excitements”. Then he saw these pictures showing a beautiful lady. The pictures were flipping in front of him like an advertisement board.

“I can’t believe it. This lady is so beautiful. You cannot find one on earth”, he determined. Then he saw a Japanese name next to the pictures. “That Japanese lady just made them up using Photoshop something like that”. Then he closed the computer and went to sleep.

It's already past midnight but the bored guy still couldn't sleep. He kept thinking about the pictures he saw on the net. The face of that beautiful actress, he couldn't forget. He closed his eyes but his heart kept on beating so fast. He could no longer resist it. He jumped off the bed and turned on the computer again. He excitedly logged in to

This time he opened the Gallery Photo section. Wow, so many beautiful pictures of the beautiful lady. He could almost hear his heart pounding. “What is going on with me?” he asked himself. “Have I fallen in love with the lady at the first sight? Can this be counted as first sight actually? I have not met her in person at all.”

He entered the Gallery VOD files section and downloaded some VODs. He did not realize his mouth was opened wide the whole time he watched the VODs. The lady spoke very softly in all her appearances. The smiles, the brown shining eyes, the laughs, the good attitude, and all the sweet expressions! Oh my... Now he understood why the fish said he did not know the value of the note in the bottle...

Thinking deeply of what the fish said, although he really wanted to send his e-mail address at the Love Letter column after watching the VODs, he decided it was not the right time. He might put his e-mail address there now and just be the beautiful lady's friend. Or if he went through the difficulties first as the fish said, he would not only be the beautiful lady's friend, but also be her true lover. He chose the second choice, so he turned off the computer and promised himself he would go to the seaside again to meet the fish.

The next day, the bored guy packed up his package and headed towards his first destination: China. When he arrived at China's capital Beijing, he felt very vast and hazy: a strange city, so huge, and he did not know even one word of Chinese. He wondered for a whole day, nothing happened, and he had no clue. Just at that moment, he stopped in front of a skyscraper, what did he see?

The beautiful actress! On the huge screen, her CF! And the name of the skyscraper is: LG Headquarters in China the Mainland. The guy thought it may be helpful to going into the skyscraper for inquiry. Just at the entrance hall, he saw a man staring at a picture of the beautiful actress. So he asked: "Do you know her?" Fortunately, the man knew English and answered him: "Of course, I am her fan"

“FAN? You’re a fan to her?” “So there must be others here too”. The man said to the bored guy “yea, may be hundreds of thousands”. The bored guy looked at the man then that picture on the skyscraper and repeated, “Thousands!”

“Wow! She has many fans here. May be she is famous,” the bored guy was thinking. He forgot why he came to China. He thought he was gong to see the fish and he ended up in China. “Um…may be I came here to stop the fish giving the bottled note to a Chinese girl,” he remembered what the fish said. That girl may be living in China.

“Right, I need that note so I can meet that beautiful actress. Only that note written by her will get to see her. I need to go to the coast of East Sea to find out if the fish swimming there, so it can give the note to that girl.”

He looked at that big beautiful picture again. “May be I should become her sincere fan so I will meet her,” he reasoned. He went to an internet cafe and logged into He actually posted a question on how to meet her.

To his surprise, there is someone called Momo actually answered his question: “She is a very shy person. She needs to stay home to be with her parents. She has no time for you.” The bored guy was out of luck.

After knowing that the beautiful lady has thousands or even millions of fans...and that it's so hard to meet her...He came back to his old boring self again. He thought: Maybe I shouldn't be here. Maybe I should go back to where I came from. He's thinking so deeply that he didn't notice at all...screech...a car almost bumped him. The driver of the car got out of the car and asked him if he's okay.

But he was not really hurt and so the driver went back to the car. Inside the car, the passenger at the back asked the driver: How was he? He's okay the driver replied. The bored guy was so unlucky that he didn't see the passenger at the back seat. Little did he know that was the beautiful lady he's been trying to meet?

And so he continued walking and thinking. He decided, he'll stay one more day and if nothing will happen, he'll go back to California. But another day has passed, and he still couldn't get anything positive. He had decided and went to the airport. He said to himself: I should go back; there is nothing for me here.

But just at that moment when he reached the airport, the bored guy heard a scream: "Where is she? Where is Youngae ssi now?" He turned back and saw two girls, they were talking about her! He stopped the girls and asked them, then he knew that just the day before that day, 04-18, 2006, the beautiful lady came to Beijing to attend a LG commercial event!

The two girls just flied to Beijing from another city, and they were about to get together with the other members of their "YA Chinese Fans Club". Then they would go to the locality of the commercial event. So the bored guy went along with them. There were so many people there. But fortunately, the sponsor left very good position for the fans club. Then the beautiful lady came out!

The bored guy was so exciting, his heart beat quickly: She's so beautiful, full of grace, just like an angel! Then the sponsor announced that there would be 5 lucky audiences who could have the chance to go on to the stage and had a touch with the lady in a short distance. Then 5 persons were chosen and the lucky ones had a short-distant touch with the kind and beautiful lady. The bored guy did not have this fortune but he noted that one of the lucky persons, in her hand, there was the note!

Then after the beautiful lady left the stage, the bored guy found that lucky girl and asked her about the note. The girl told him that just because of the magic power of the note which the fish gave her; she had the fortune to be chosen. She listened to the bored guy and knew all the things; at last she gave the note back to him.

But she also told the guy that: the fish didn't give her the bottle but the fish emphasized that only when the man got both the note and the bottle, the bodement could turn out to be true. So where was the bottle? In another country? Or just there in Beijing? Or it was sent to Korea, the lady's homeland? The questions came up to the bored guy.

Now the bored guy had the note. Where could he find that bottle? This thing was too complicated for the simple-minded guy. “The fish must still have the bottle. It ‘s probably still in East Sea.” He figured. “Wait; there are many smart people on that net. May be I can find some answers there.” He went to an internet café again and logged in

He looked at several posts in the web. There were people called Lala, Shenzheni, Rosel, Kit, Ling, Tracy and many more who were giving out good advices.
“Make good kimchi, you will impress her.”
“Write a good poem, she will love you.”
Many many more advices!
The bored guys’ heart sunk. He couldn’t cook. He couldn’t write poems. What could he do? He was lost inside a wonderland…

He went out from the internet café and walked. The internet café was near to a five stars hotel. So he went there and sat at the lobby thinking what he would do next. “I don’t understand. I don’t think I match the lady. She is too good to be true. But it was the bottle that came to me first. I didn’t expect it. If I am really destined to have relationship with her, either just friend or more than it, there must be some kind of magic help from heaven for me. Otherwise I don’t think I can make it. Imagine… thousands of fans all over the world to compete for her love,” he said to himself.

Suddenly a nice looking guy came to the lobby. He was alone. The bored guy’s eyes got wide. It was the beautiful lady’s manager. He saw the manager at the LG commercial event just now. He knew the manager’s name from He collected all the guts he had, and called him, “Mr. Lee. Mr. Lee. Wait…”

But Mr. Lee couldn't hear him because there were many tourists who just got out of the elevator (where Mr. Lee was waiting for a lift.) Mr. Lee felt that someone was calling him but he couldn't see the bored guy because he was trapped into a group of tourists. By the time the bored was at the elevator's door, it's already closed.

So he ran upstairs, and ran again because he couldn't catch the elevator where Mr. Lee was. Finally he reached the 7th floor, but he was already exhausted that he just sat on the floor near the elevator. He's so tired that he just wanted to close his eyes and sat there forever. He felt hopelessness and wanted to cry, so he covered his face and didn't mind all the people passing. By the time he opened his eyes and looked up, he saw a very beautiful lady looking back at him.

The beautiful lady smiled at him, but he was so shocked that he couldn't even smile back. The beautiful lady and her companions went inside the elevator. The bored guy was so shocked that he couldn't even say a word to the beautiful lady. He was so shocked that he didn't even notice that the beautiful lady was slipping away from him and so did his chance to finally talk to her. The elevator's door closed leaving the bored guy outside staring at the door with awe, as if the beautiful lady was still there.

After a few seconds, he got his consciousness back. He smiled happily. "It is okay I didn't have a chance to talk to her. But I had seen her at so close distance. She has very fair and smooth skin. More beautiful to see her in person rather than just see her pictures. And the most important thing is...she smiled at me. Wow, that angel's smile."

"Oh yea, I did not see any room-boys bring her luggages, I think she has not checked out. She will be back sooner or later. I will just stay at lobby and wait for her back." There was a group of people talking in the lobby. There was a lady they all called her Jane, who looked like their leader. She seemed to know many things.

“May be she has inside information of the beautiful lady, who seemed very fond of this group from my observation in that LG meeting”. He was thinking to go to ask this group. Suddenly he heard they were talking about some lake in China and some poor school. What did that to do with the beautiful lady? He hesitated.

“May be I should go to look for that fish. May be I should go home. Life is too complicated here.” He was thinking….. Just at that moment, one girl who stood beside Jane noticed the bored guy. She was just the girl who gave the note back to the bored guy. So she introduced the bored guy to the other members.

They were talking about a countryside elementary school. And the beautiful lady made a generous donation to the elementary school for its renovation. "I remember!" one of the members said, "At the day we reached the elementary school before her, and when our members also made donation to the elementary school, someone also donated some things to the children. Along with the stationeries, there was one bottle---we were curious about it, and asked the man who donated it.

But the man just said he donated the cute bottle to the school as a toy for the children. Then the member described the appearance of the bottle, and that must be it! "What did the man who donated the bottle look like?" "Oh~ I don't quite remember, I just know he seemed to be a fisherman."---The truth is out! "I must go to the elementary school and get the bottle back! I must!" The bored guy thought.

The guy hang with the China fans members for a while. They were very friendly and he felt comfortable talking to them. He got a lot of information about the beautiful lady. The more he knew, the more he admired her. He is confused now whether to wait for her back to hotel, or to go search for the bottle. At last he decided, "Well, since I am so near to the lady, I think it’s worth it to wait for her first. At least I hope I can see her face once again."

He waited and waited and the lady did not come back. Suddenly he thought of the beautiful lady’s feeling. "Even I see her I do not have the bottle to offer her. She will be very happy if she sees the bottle, which was placed in the ocean herself after very hard work on DaeJungGeum drama. It is very precious for her."

"Whether she loves me or not, it is not important. As long as she is happy, I will be contented". Instead of waiting, he decided to go to that elementary school to find that bottle, so he could make her happy.

To get to the Thousand Island Lake was tough enough, not to say the 3 hour boat and 1/2 hour road trip to that school. Finally he reached that poor school. A group of children were playing on the school yard. They were so happy and lovely. At the sudden, he saw a little girl putting some wild flowers in a bottle. The bottle looked familiar.

“That’s it, the bottle the fish took from me.” He stretched his arm and tried to grab that bottle. The girl looked up and saw the bored guy. She smiled. “Wait a minute; I can’t take a toy away from a little girl, who was also loved by the beautiful lady.” He left the school.

He was actually boarding an airplane flying home to the other side of Pacific Ocean. He didn’t have the heart to take the bottle from that little girl, and he had nothing to offer to the beautiful lady to make her happy. He was very tired and felt into deep sleep quickly.

Suddenly, the airplane stopped. It landed on the airport of Tokyo. The captain announced the aircraft had some mechanical problem. All passengers needed to get out and waited until they fixed it.

A crew member told him that he would be compensated because of this accident. Instead of waiting, he was taken to a NHK Studio Park show and seated in the front row. He thought this was better than doing nothing at the airport. He did not know the show, but he saw thousands of people in the studio.

The show started and the special guest came in from the front door on the right side. She was wearing a red-colored dress. She was very beautiful. Wait! The bored guy’s eyes were wide open. That’s the lady he was looking for. She was attending a Japanese fan meeting here.

She walked in and started shaking hands with the front-row audiences. She came in front of him and was shaking his hand. She looked at him. He almost fainted when he saw her beautiful eyes so close…..

He wanted to talk to her. Suddenly he felt the studio was shaking. He woke up and he was still in the aircraft. Apparently, he just had a dream and some air turbulence jolted the aircraft and took him away from his sweat dream.

“Well, at least I was so close to her in my dream,” the bored guy was relieved. He started to look outside the window. There were beautiful clouds under the aircraft. At this time, there was announcement from the captain.

“I want to welcome all passengers to Seoul. We will be landing on the airport of Seoul very soon……” What! He thought he was flying to California and now he was heading to Korea. “What’s going on?”

He was nervous and got up from his chair to walk to the front of the aircraft. He wanted to find some crew member to ask. He didn’t see any crew at all. He kept walking and actually got into the first-class cabin.

Surprisingly, he saw the beautiful lady sitting in the first-class seat. She turned her head and saw him. She smiled to him and waved him to sit down on an empty chair next to her. The bored guy sat down and shocked, and couldn’t say a word. After a while, she started talking.

“I saw you in China and you seemed very funny. You’re probably one of those fans on that fan site I occasionally visited”. She continued to say that she loved the fans there. Though she could not fully understand the English posts, she could feel the loves from the fans. She was lucky to have some lady named Momo translating for her.

“Lately, I saw some posts talking about love stories. I haven’t have time to read it yet”. The bored guy’s heart was pounding. He wanted to tell her about the bottle and the note. He wanted to show her the note in his pocket. Instead he kept looking at her. He was totally immersed in her beauty, the smiles, the brown shining eyes, and all the sweet expressions!

There was voice from the top of the aircraft. “Why are you still waiting? Talk to her and tell her about the bottle and the note. Tell her how much you love her….”

“This is your captain. We have landed at San Francisco Airport …..” He finally woke up from a very sound sleep. He was home.

Final scene:
He went to the coast of Pacific Ocean more often. He often looked at the ocean and said, “There is not just water in the ocean, but also a fish”.

Caption: Does he want to go back to China to take that bottle from a little girl?
Caption: How can he make the beautiful lady happy without that bottle?

*********The End*********************

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Over the rainbow - 英爱北京行偶然手札

題記:華麗的燈光下裙擺搖曳 --- 作者:不是偶然











大家都雀躍地等待,然而我心情沉重;當確知我們無法進入VIP通道,大家很失望,我仍然是心情沉重。 MAX說我是太冷靜。其實我是很難過。英愛,我連這也做不到嗎?不能給你一個稍微正式一點的迎接?我心情卑微到不願做任何祈禱。假如愛有天意,一切不是偶然。篤信命運的我,讓天來為我與英愛的緣分做去留的抉擇。




這時我才看清楚英愛,和我平時所見的照片不太一樣,她很高貴,很精緻,很有距離感。我竟然一時無法把我那麼想說的那句話說出口,直到英愛有去意,我才急忙勉強地叫出:“ 언 니 !!!”然後我又停住,沒想到我說話已經是這麼困難,而且又是那麼難聽。

可是英愛看著我,我不能再多考慮地說出:“ 중 국 에 오 신 것 을 환 영 합 니 다 !!"英愛笑了,向我伸出手來,可是我沒做準備,所以英愛不是握住我的手,而是按住了我的手,好像在做一個小小的鼓勵。













經紀人李周烈先生真的是個很可愛的人。其實這次我們和他也有很多接觸。在機場的時候他看到海報就走過來用英語對我們說:“My name is 이 주 열 .."然後他看到我用韓語寫的話偷偷發笑;我們請他簽名時,他連連擺手,說讓英愛簽;還有和他通電話的時候,翻譯老是講不通,他乾脆自己把電話拿過來,誰知道被我劈頭來一句:“ 죄 송 하 지 만 전 한 국 말 을 절 못 해 요 ."(對不起,我韓語不好),只好把電話又還給那位中文也非常不好的翻譯……


我們當中有個人從此變成了“雙李fans”,連經紀人也愛上了,還說要JIA gei ta,至於是誰我就不點名批評了……haha


英愛打開會議室的門的那一剎,我第二次明白到“驚為天人”到底是什麼狀態。她還留著fashion show時的髮型,穿著米黃色的裙子和黑色的開衫。我站起來,用手摀著張大的嘴,其實“垂涎三尺”並不一定說明垂涎者的好色程度,而往往應該是在說明被垂涎者的美麗程度。


然後英愛坐在我右手邊上,對我微笑呢。我看見只有英愛和李周烈先生來了,有點吃驚,問道:“ 통 역 이 없 어 요 ?”(翻譯不在嗎?)然後李先生告訴我翻譯要晚一點才到。我正暗暗叫苦的時候,英愛用英文開始和我們說話了! ! ! ! !英愛的英文比我們在場的任何一個都要好,而且說話的時候並不需要過多的思考就脫口而出。我非常非常的驚喜。



然後英愛在接受我們送的禮物時也看到了我寫的信,問我:“是你寫下來的嗎?”我說是的,英愛說:“Perfect!Perfecrt!”害得我很不好意思,因為那封信我只用了十分鐘匆匆抄了,所以我說:“No,it's in a hurry. I wrote it this morning so the handwrting is so ....”我們也問英愛有沒有去觀光,英愛說很遺憾,明天她就走了,所以好像觀光是不可能了。可是她希望下次有機會和朋友或者家人一起來。





簽名的時候,我遞上了三本<最特別的愛>:中文版.日文版.韓文版。如果英愛對我是特別的人,那這本書是一半以上的原因所在。簽完後我對英愛說:“ 언 니 , 좀 안 아 주 세 요 !”(姐姐,請抱我一下),於是英愛伸出雙臂,將我摟在懷中。





結果近三點時,我先看到英愛的翻譯走過來了!再定睛一看,穿著白色襯衣,灰色長裙的不正是英愛嗎? !












鳴謝我坐了二十五個小時火車來到北京的從出生就認識的好朋友Ice Peng
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*作者:不是偶然 - 原來簡體中文, wy woo - 翻譯成繁體中文*
Somewhere over the rainbow: LYA's singing.
李英愛北京時裝秀, 10min: click here.
北京愛迷會 2004.7.15:

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Past Gif Pictures

Lady in Colors - Gif's made from past pictures:

Below pictures were extracted from LYA’s LG Whisen (2005-1-25) CF clip: