Monday, January 12, 2009

Year 2009 is here

LYA is going for her Ph.D. and got married.
李英愛即將攻讀博士學位. The name of the rose is Bride's Dream.

축하, 영애씨! 넌 박사 학생이 될 것입니다.
장미 당신을 위해, 영애씨! 난 그냥 상승이의 이름을 알아 냈, 신부 '의 꿈.
Both news popped up while we were doing the video series "Let's start it over again,Young-ae!" See "LYA Videos" at right:
讓我們從頭來過吧, 英愛! 5年前當她來到台灣開始推銷大長今。
Interview before married. Another one in 2010 post. 她結婚前的1採訪:

Interview after married. 她結婚後的1採訪:

恨不相逢未嫁時 李英愛.
Sung by 李香蘭 (山口淑子 Yoshiko Yamaguchi), 3:24 min.

Watch it in Vimeo.
"Hello Mum" Dougie Damone song and "The Mom Song".

To see a short one.
"She" by Charles Aznavour, 李英愛北京愛迷會 2004-7-15:

Your first appearance in 2009.
"A Lovers Concerto" by Kelly Chen, 2:32 min.
Suggested by Ling: It is best listened during the night. It's soothing and romantic music will lull one into sweet dreams.

So far Young-ae is hardly seen and in hibernation now.
HK fan: Whoo 啊! 怎麼妳愈來愈....細緻粉嫩, 青春迫人、自信過人......看着妳.....我已感到迷醉了 ~ . ~ 嘿嘿.....八卦一下 " Whoo " 好似喺香港無得賣嗎?
Comments from a HK fan:
仙子啊! 仙子.....請 妳不要再冬眠???
跟環球的愛迷們、來個親親、抱抱, 甜蜜蜜嘅接觸哇
Happy Valentine's Day to Lee Young-ae.
"Salut D'amour" by Itzhak Perlman, 2:37 min.

農曆新年快樂 Happy Lunar New Year 2009:

Happy Birthday to Lee Young-ae.
"Don't Be Cruel" by Elvis Presley - See 2010 post
Happy New Year to Lee Young-ae.
"Hotel California" by Eagles, 3:45 min.

Watch it in Vimeo.